Contemporary Beauty Portrait: Karen

My latest Contemporary Beauty Portrait was the beautiful Karen.  Her very sweet husband surprised her with an afternoon of pampering with our make-over and photoshoot experience. Karen was a bit nervous since it wasn't her idea, but quickly warmed up to the idea once we started, and she saw it was actually pretty fun! 

One of my favorite things about my job is watching my clients view their photographs for the first time, which is always in my studio for the big reveal. This time was no different, when Karen grabbed one of the photos in particular and stated how much she just loved it, it made my heart so happy.

For this session we had the talented Matt Van Ness from MV Film Productions on set who created a wonderful short film highlighting the whole process from the makeover to the actual session. Check it out, along with behind the scenes photos and some of my favorite final images from the session below!

Hair and Makeup by: Andrea and Victoria of MBDbeauty LLC
Behind the Scenes Short Film: Matt Van Ness of MV Film Productions
Dresses provided by: House of Fashion in Guilford, CT
Jewelry provided by: Crunchy Diva Designs of Madison, CT
Jewelry provided by: BSK design at Chroma gallery in Guilford, CT


Behind the Scenes


Image Highlights

Contemporary Beauty Portrait: Barbara

This is Barbara, and right off the bat I knew she was going to be super fun to work with when she told me she was going to submit to the process, go with whatever I suggested and enjoy herself.  Barbara is a bit of a free spirit like me, and typically goes for comfortable over fitted clothing, so her eyes went wide when I pulled out a sparkly blue tight fitting dress!   Not even a hesitation, she tried it on and came out to show me and she looked GORGEOUS as you can see below.  We had a great time dressing her in all kinds of beautiful outfits and are some of her favorites from the session!

Hair Styling: Shelbie Atwater of Madison Avenue Salon
Makeup by: Andrea Zola of MBDbeauty LLC
Jewelry provided by: BSK design at Chroma gallery

Behind the scenes:


Before and After:

Contemporary Beauty Portraits with Rebecca

This is Rebecca!  Rebecca is a wonderful wife and mother who also trains horses on a farm for a living here in Connecticut.  Rebecca was gifted a session by a friend and came in for the full glam treatment, hair and makeup followed by a fun photoshoot. Every woman deserves a day of beauty where it's all about them!  

With the music flowing and smiles-a-plenty, Christie G was on hand for hair and make-up to take her look to that next level! We had snacks and beverages and had the best time watching the transformation happen before our eyes.  Rebeccas expression was PRICELESS when she looked in the mirror and saw herself for the first time!  I asked Rebecca a few questions about how this experience made her feel, you can see a full behind the scene video below and a short interview at the end!   Here are a few of my favorites from her session!

Rebecca "before"

Before Shotedit.jpg


Rebecca "After" 


Check out our behind the scenes footage with a short Q&A from Rebecca at the end! 

Contemporary Beauty Portraits with Shelley

This is my beautiful friend Shelley.  I invited Shelley in for a make-over of sorts (however let me be the first to say she doesn't need one!)  I recently partnered with a hair and makeup stylist and wanted to do sort of a trial run-through for a Contemporary Beauty Portrait.  Shelley came in fresh faced and excited for the process which just got us even more excited to work with her.  We discussed outfits and what to bring ahead of time so I had a good idea of what she would be bringing.  She started with Christie in hair and make-up.  We decided to do a natural look for the first outfit, and then a little something spicier for the second.  I captured some behind the scenes footage of her getting her GLAM on and posted the video at end of this post, check it out!  

Shelley was a natural and as you can see below, we got some really amazing images.  If you would like a make-over and photoshoot for yourself, a friend, or a loved one please contact me for pricing and more details, we'd love to offer you this same experience!  Hope you enjoy them!!  

Shelley "Before"

Shelley "After"  - Some of my favorite images from our session!