Contemporary Beauty Portraits with Rebecca

This is Rebecca!  Rebecca is a wonderful wife and mother who also trains horses on a farm for a living here in Connecticut.  Rebecca was gifted a session by a friend and came in for the full glam treatment, hair and makeup followed by a fun photoshoot. Every woman deserves a day of beauty where it's all about them!  

With the music flowing and smiles-a-plenty, Christie G was on hand for hair and make-up to take her look to that next level! We had snacks and beverages and had the best time watching the transformation happen before our eyes.  Rebeccas expression was PRICELESS when she looked in the mirror and saw herself for the first time!  I asked Rebecca a few questions about how this experience made her feel, you can see a full behind the scene video below and a short interview at the end!   Here are a few of my favorites from her session!

Rebecca "before"

Before Shotedit.jpg


Rebecca "After" 


Check out our behind the scenes footage with a short Q&A from Rebecca at the end!