Contemporary Beauty Portraits with Shelley

This is my beautiful friend Shelley.  I invited Shelley in for a make-over of sorts (however let me be the first to say she doesn't need one!)  I recently partnered with a hair and makeup stylist and wanted to do sort of a trial run-through for a Contemporary Beauty Portrait.  Shelley came in fresh faced and excited for the process which just got us even more excited to work with her.  We discussed outfits and what to bring ahead of time so I had a good idea of what she would be bringing.  She started with Christie in hair and make-up.  We decided to do a natural look for the first outfit, and then a little something spicier for the second.  I captured some behind the scenes footage of her getting her GLAM on and posted the video at end of this post, check it out!  

Shelley was a natural and as you can see below, we got some really amazing images.  If you would like a make-over and photoshoot for yourself, a friend, or a loved one please contact me for pricing and more details, we'd love to offer you this same experience!  Hope you enjoy them!!  

Shelley "Before"

Shelley "After"  - Some of my favorite images from our session!