Me and my 3-legged rescue Sheldon. 

This winter I decided to do a personal project dealing with a subject very close to my heart.  You may or may-not know, but I am a huge animal lover, I mean huge.  I've adopted all sorts of creatures during my life, from the strays on the side of the road, to a pigeon with a broken wing.   I wanted to do something this year combining my love for animals and my portrait photography in a way that would have a positive impact.  I have a friend who volunteers for a local animal rescue Project Precious Rescue.  Over the past few years I have seen my friends dedication to the animals, from fostering, fundraising, transporting, and everything in between.  She is the one who inspired me to want to do this project.  This project will feature 12 dogs who have been stuck in a shelter or foster care for 6 months to a year or who have medical conditions or deformities that might be deterring a potential adopter.  Let me be the first to stand up and say.... I have a dog that fits that description. My 3-legged dog Sheldon was in a foster home for a year before I rescued him.  Adopting Sheldon was one of the best things I've EVER done.  He is the most loving, amazing, sweet, gentle soul I've ever had and I cannot imagine my life without him.  ALL of these dogs have that kind of love to give.  Please take a moment to see the wonderful dogs featured below.  Due to the fact that I don't want to hold up the opportunity of one of these dogs finding a home, I will be posting them as I photograph them, instead of posting all 12 at the end.  So come back and check often to see who's next!


"Animals, they never lie to you.  You know that when they tell you something they mean it.  They just love you, it’s that simple."
 ~ Betty White

pet project- personal.jpg

Meet Nemo, the boy with the big smile!  It shines so bright you'll take a double-take before you even notice his special front leg  (it's little just like his namesake's)!  Nemo is around 50lbs of orange and white, flippity floppy eared puppy love.  Fortunately when Nemo was found, the rescue was also able to save his father Prince.  His mother was not brought into rescue, however a volunteer did meet her when pulling the boys, and their best guess for breed mix is lab, pittie-mix, and possibly some mastiff or dogo argentino.  Interestingly, while Nemo definitely got his father's lab jowls, he has a double coat of lusciously soft fur unlike either of his parents. 

For the first 10 months of his life, Nemo lived with his parents in a tiny apartment where he had accidents all over because of a genital malformation (which has since been surgically corrected). He had difficulty going up and down the steep apartment steps due to pure exhaustion from poor nutrition and with only 3 working legs.  The people there loved him but couldn't take proper care of themselves let alone their pets. Luckily, the landlord who is a friend of the rescue noticed they were breeding the dogs and stepped in with a few other caring individuals to make sure the dogs would be re-homed, loved and well cared for.  The only people who had initially been interested in Nemo had wanted to use him as fight bait, and no one was going to let that happen, so Nemo and his daddy, Prince, became Project Precious Rescue pets!

Despite his rough start to life, he has been adjusting well to being loved and cared for.  Nemo loves to romp around, never letting his physiological challenges hold him back.  Nemo would love a home with teenage kids, other friendly dogs, and people willing to help him continue to improve physically while learning how to be a beloved, well-cared for pet.  He can be a bit demanding when he wants attention, but who can blame him for wanting to be loved?  

Nemo is approximately 1-year old and located in New Haven County in Connecticut and is currently AVAILABLE.  Please email email for an application.